Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lindsay Makes Leggings, YSL Rolls in his Grave

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay... girl, you crazy!  We forgave your numerous trips to rehab, your undies amnesia, even your Mom's ridiculous reality show. We'll even look past your faux bi-curious-ness, that's your prerogative.  But when you start trying to make us look bad, well then you've gone to far.  That's the only way I can explain Lindsay Lohan's new line of leggings, she wants us to start dressing badly so that she'll look better in comparison.  Similar to that mean friend in high school that told you "a perm would amaaazing on you", Lohan has put her name on a line of leggings surely meant to sabotage your style.  My favorite is the fingerless glove-knee sock hybrid (available for $42), because nothing says style quite like half a leg full of leopard print.  Not to be out done are the leggings with built in knee pads, being sold somewhere for $132, I guess.  Perhaps, LiLo needs extra padding for her knee area for all the time she spends *insert dirty joke here*.  But I think most of us were doing just fine without them.  Help me prevent tween-age girls everywhere from  being a walking fashion disaster, send this post to friends and family and show them that you care about what they wear.  Because that's what real friends do!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get Your Sea Legs: The Fish Pedicure

Call me crazy, but I really want to try the so-called "Fish Pedicure".  For those of you who haven't heard, this very special pedicure involves soaking your toes (post polish) in your very own tub of tiny carp called Garra Rufa.  As you soak the petite fish will nibble away at your dead skin cells leaving your feet silky smooth, apparently.  I know this seems unnecessary, gross, and about a hundred other things, but if I didn't like trying odd procedures and trends I wouldn't be writing for The Tonnish.  
Only available in Virginia as of now, but you can bet  your scuba gear I'll be first in line to try it if/when the Fish Pedi hits NYC.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Tonnish Makes an Appearance on Refinery 29

The following post should be read with a southern accent:
Who little ol' me?  You can imagine my surprise when I saw The Tonnish mentioned on that delightful fashion site Refinery 29 yesterday. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!  I am just ever so grateful to the folks over there for the mention. 

FOUND: American Apparel Brings HyperColor Back!

Yes, it seems my prayers have been answered.  A few posts back while waxing on about my RayBans I mentioned my fondness for the HyperColor T-shirts of yore.  Well, American Apparel must have heard my musings because hitting stores near you are AA's Technicolor T's.   The same heat sensitive fabric we loved is back and available in a selection of colors that are ripe for the wearing.  I can hear the pick up lines being formed as we speak:

Dude in Technicolor T-shirt: Hey, want to see how hot you are?
Girl: huh???
Dude: My shirt can measure your hotness, but I think you're pretty sexy already.

Monday, July 28, 2008

To Tuck or Not to Tuck: Jeans into Sandals

Are you tucking your jeans into your gladiator sandals?  I really hope not.  What is it about this look (that seems to be attacking young hollywood faster than you can say " oh dear god no") that makes some denim devotees feel the need to follow suit.  There is nothing flattering or interesting about it and frankly it just looks like your jeans are too long.  My advice?  Buy ankle length jeans if you feel the need to show off your sandals, just not the gladiators.  I think those are on there way out the door as we speak.

Weather Proof Your Poof: John Frieda's Weather Proofing Style Sealant Creme

When I test a product I like to really put it through the wringer.  So when I wanted to give John Frieda's Weather Proofing Style Sealant Creme a try, I wasn't going to just toss some on my hair on any old city day, I took it to the beach on one of the hottest, most disgustingly humid weekends of the year. 
This product promised to "Weather Proof" my hair and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!  What I thought would be greasy goop meant for thick curly haired girls, turned out to be a silky lotion that protected my hair from the little frizzy fly-aways that always sprout up in the soupy sea air.  I even worked some into my hair after a swim in the ocean and it helped ease out my tangles and make my hair look soft and wavy.  Weather Works is also great if you want work the no-blow-dry look, which I am a big fan of this summer.  It gives just the right amount of smooth control so that you and can spend less time getting ready and spend more time enjoying some fun, sun and your ultra smooth hair style.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rayban Wayfarers: Colors are Catching

I tried to resist the Rayban Wayfarers trend I really did.  Because when something is EVERYWHERE like this throwback classic- you start to hate them after awhile.  Then they came out with the new colors and mismatched color block styles and I was doomed.  I couldn't resist the sea blue pair with the silver reflective lenses and I'm glad I didn't.  They remind me of the Save by the Bell episodes when the gang all get jobs working at a beach club one summer while  rocking neon Ocean Pacific tees and massive cell phones.  It reminds one of a simpler time- and if anyone can find me a Hyper Color T-shirt I will pay top dollar for it!

FitFlops: The Experiment


I'll going to keep it brief because honestly, what more can I say about these things?!   What I can say is that I'm stopped on the street more and more by fellow FitFlop testers these days and we love to chat with each other.  I always ask them if they're feeling any results and the answer I get most often is "not yet!".  I think it's pretty remarkable that so many woman are trying these shoes knowing they might not do anything, but will still wear them dutifully just in case it turns out that by week 11 you turn into a supermodel.
But yesterday I had the tiniest breakthrough, I was running around wearing my FitFlops and as I bounded up the stairs of the subway I noticed the slightest tightness in my thighs!  Hooray!  "Maybe these things actually work!",  I thought, then I began thinking something else and I will leave you to ponder this.  Since I've been wearing the FitFlops I have tried to walk and take the stairs more, and what is known to tones legs?  Walking and taking the stairs.  So I ask you- are my legs slightly more toned because I'm wearing the FitFlops more or is wearing FitFlops making me walk more which is toning my legs?   The questions and the experiment continues!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Having a Moment with: Yellow and Grey


See by Chloe Sweater

12th Street by Cynthia Vincient

Mint by Jodi Arnold Top

I'm not one to say that anything is the new black, but grey is definitely having a moment right now and what is really making me take notice is the pairing of yellow and grey.  In home design I think it looks fresh modern and clean, and in fashion it's a great way to make your current summer selections seem new again.  Whether your wearing a yellow dress with grey accessories or chic grey pants with a yellow top, it feels very Alexander Wang or United Bamboo to me. That is to say the ultimate in downtown chic.  Give it a try today! Use the inspirational photos above to get your mind behind the mood, all available on

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FitFlops: The Experiment- Week Two Review


I have made good on my promise and have been wearing the FitFlops a lot more over the course of last week and I even went so far as to measure the circumference of my thigh so that I can note any changes. However, don't think I'm going to be telling you the before and after measurements, I'm only going to divulge the difference if there is any at the end of the experiment. 
I do have some findings to report which I will list below under pros and cons:

1) These things are comfy.  Not the most scientific analysis but, if you want science go somewhere else.  I really am enjoying wearing these suckers, they are so squishy and supportive that I feel like I can walk all over the city without my feet getting tired or sore.

2) I'm not 100% sure but, I think I might be feeling the slightest reactions in my leg muscles during wear and after.  I think it's safe to say that my muscles are slightly more engaged when I'm walking around in the FitFlops then in regular sandals or flops. Again, if you want science you're at the wrong blog.

3) Not sure if this is a pro but, I was chatting with another FitFlop wearing woman in a store the other day who was pregnant and even though she didn't think they were working to tone anything, she thought that they may be giving her better support for her lower back than other shoes.

1) They are not cute.  As much as I am enjoying wearing them, it's a little annoying to be running around NYC with small floatation devices on your feet.

2) They styles for men are really not cute.  My boyfriend has totally abandoned the experiment because he found the flops so unsightly and he's not one to fret about what he wears.  He claims that since he has to wear dress shoes to work every day the FitFlops aren't really something that he can work into his wardrobe.  I understand this fact but, I still think they look more normal on his wider man feet then my dainty little lady feet.

3) I still want more wobble.  I wish these things were a little trickier to walk in, maybe if they had weighted soles or weights you could slip into the soles after a few weeks to pump up the "effects".   It would be nice if you had a way to "graduate" to another level of intensity for further results.

Stay tuned for more on FitFlops as the experiment continues and let me know how your own home tests are going.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Into the Grove

A not-so secret garden has been discovered.  Located on Hudson Street near Jane in the West Village, Grove feels like stepping into your best friend's Hampton's hide away except everything here is for sale.  Pucci scarves made into pillows, supremely soft cashmere blankets in fruity Lifesaver colors, and the perfect modern-meets-elegant vase will make your "staycation" a little more beachy.  An ever changing flower bar is the perfect spot to grab a fresh bouquet and owner Sarah Tallman is on hand to give you expert advice on the perfect arrangement or unique hostess gift.  With years of experience developing fragrances for the likes of Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren and Prada, Sarah puts that knowledge to good use when creating her line of signature scented candles.  So stop into Grove during your next stroll through the WV, you won't leave empty handed and you might even bump into me scooping up a few more of the ultra chic desk accessories.  
Grove is located at 617 Hudson between Jane and W.12th ( 

Mayle Sale

Mayle is having a sale and I am now poor.  That's the text I sent my friend as I was leaving the Elizabeth Street store on Saturday.  DON'T GO whatever you do!  Or at least don't buy things in my size.  See you there, I'll probably be back again tomorrow.

WHO: Mayle
WHAT: Fab Summer Sale
WHERE: 242 Elizabeth Street, near Prince

Chillin' in My Nundie Pants

I've never been very good at math. So when faced with the equation of white pants + panty lines = a bad rear view, I might need a tutor. I know, I could wear a thong but I just don't like them and even my reliable Hanes Perfect Panties (see Panty Perfection) can fail me when a curve hugging pair of white pants or jeans are the common denominator. So this weekend I gave Nundies a try. A slightly odd concept, Nundies are a disposable liner that are applied to the inside of your pants so that you can skip underwear all together. And if you've ever tried to go commando in your tightest pair of jeans and experienced the dreaded Attack of the Seams, you need Nundies. Easy to apply and after a few minutes I completely forgot I had them on. Not to mention, their super sticky adhesive side squashed my fears that they might come loose and tumble out a pant leg. Which would have been only slightly mortifying considering I wore them to my boyfriend's father's 60th birthday dinner. Nundies come in 3 colors black, nude and a pack of assorted colors and are $15 for 5. You can purchase them and test them out yourself at

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Panty Perfection

There are some things you try and don't like so much (like that Bumble and Bumble shampoo Coco, sorry guys but, it made my hair feel like I'd poured glue on it) and some that instantly become an addiction.  An example of that later for me, is a $9 pack of panty perfection.  Once called Hanes Perfect Panties, I believe they're now called Stretch Perfect Panties and they come in a pack of 2 in a variety of lovely colors.
It was a classic love story really, the panties and I first connected about 3 years ago when a handsome promotional model shoved a neatly wrapped package of briefs into my hand as I was leaving the Diesel fashion show.  Since then I have discovered that they make a boyshort version that is my ultimate favorite.  They cut the wedgie factor way way down and they are practically invisible under clothes.  I mean it, no panty lines, and no color peeking through your white pants and skirts, nothing.  It's a very rare occasion now if I buy a pair from Cosabella or Hanky Panky, and I know you're thinking "that's great that they're comfortable but aren't all granny panties, I wanna look hot!"  Well trust me, there is something oddly sexy about the skin skimming boyshorts,  I've actually been told they're preferred to the typical frilly lace things.  However, keep them around to mix it up every once and a while.  It's good to keep boys on their toes.
You can find Hanes Stretch Perfect Panties on or at Target.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Breathe Inn

There comes a time every summer when you feel the need to run, not walk, away from the city.  The need for trees and fresh air becomes overwhelming and your tiny apartment feels like a basement bunker.  Don't fret, just breathe... The Breathe Inn is the perfect prescription for when you get that claustrophobic feeling on the city streets.  Nestled, about 2 hours north in the Catskills, they tout a yoga studio, pool and organic cuisine as amenities that all lived up to my expectations.  However, my favorite thing by far was the decor.  Everything was clean and modern and as if you were living in the Design Within Reach catalog.  A secret dream of mine!  I barely have any pictures of my boyfriend from that trip however, I do have a number of photos of the living room.
It's incredibly quite and calm at the Inn, so quite in fact that we were slightly nervous to speak to loud or make too much noise in our room.  We felt that a violent sneeze might awaken the entire house.  We also didn't quite embrace the socializing aspect of the B&B but, it's not required so if you're feeling anti-social (like we were) you can feel free to take a bottle of wine and relax on the picturesque porch swing or cozy hammock.
The rooms range from $150 for a small "studio" to $400 for the master suite which includes a private bathroom and entrance.
For more information check out their website

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer of Jump

Remember the shoes that were built like a shoe but acted like a sneaker?  I like to think that jumpers or jumpsuits (as they're also know) are built like a dress but act like shorts.  Who doesn't love the ease of slipping into a silky dress and instantly looking fab with such little effort?  I certainly do, and jumpers are basically a dress in disguise.  So give a jumpsuit a chance this summer, the two options posted here are by Loeffler Randall and T bags, respectively and can be found on the ever dependable

Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage

I love the sun.  I know that it's bad for me and I'll wind up with "catcher's mitt face" if I'm not more careful about my time soaking up the rays but, I can't help it.  I love sitting in the stinging sun and letting my skin turn a toasty golden brown.  But, sadly,  I'm not 19 anymore and my freckles that were once adorable will soon become sun spots that are less so.  Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage lotion sounded like just what I needed to protect and repair my speckled skin.  A big dose of Vitamin C, Magnesium and Lycopene for cell renewal plus, SPF 28 (to prevent me from doing further damage) combine to make my newest can't-live-without-it product.  Instantly my skin looked brighter and smoother, almost like I had make-up on!  Which is great for the summer when you want to cut back on layers of foundation or cover up and with the added SPF, protecting your skin is a no brainer- even for sun worshipper like me.
Walmart is offering free samples on their website so, like they said on Reading Rainbow: Don't take my word for it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

FitFlops: The Experiment


"The flip flops with a built in gym!" is how FitFlops are described and with the promise of a tighter butt and thighs how could I resist making FitFlops my first product to review for The Tonnish.  I have always been interested in the the higher priced MBT shoes that make a similar claim but FitFlops are slightly less bulky looking and only $39.99.  They also claim to relieve the lower back and joint pain my boyfriend suffers from so, making this a "joint" test was also  appealing. 
There aren't very many rules to the test, we will wear the Fitflops as much as possible and report weekly on the results (or lack there of) for one month.  We aren't changing what we eat or how much we exercise (me: very little, him: more frequently), we're just wearing the "revolutionary" shoes.   Why should I work out when the FitFlops are doing it for me?!
The arrival of our FitFlops was coincidentally the same day as our departure for a long weekend with my family in Cincinnati. "That's perfect!" I said, to my boyfriend.  "We can wear them all weekend, even if they're ugly."  Shoes not being a major point of interest in Cincinnati, I intended to wear the FitFlops all weekend, rain, sleet or nice dinner be damned!
What I expected to feel when  I first slid "the shoes with a built in wobble board" onto my feet was the sensation that I was walking in sand or on a balance ball but, the results were not quite that dramatic.  They definitely felt slightly different the my other flip flops or sandals but, I'm guessing that's because Christian Louboutin hasn't integrated the wobble board into his shoes yet.  I expected them to be a little heavy to acted as little leg weights while I walk but, no such luck- they are light as air.   They are comfortable I will say that, they have a squishy sole that rivals Crocs (which I tried but, abandoned due to their unsightly-ness) however, they do give off a look that is something like small yachts strapped to your feet.  Apparently, they don't come in narrow. Plus, I didn't get a single blister after my first time wearing them which happens even with other brands of rubber flip flops.
I haven't noticed any soreness is my legs (except after swimming laps in my my parents pool) or decrease in the squishy-ness of my tush after one week but, I'm still hopeful.  Maybe I just need to amp up the amount I'm walking everyday to feel an improvement.   My boyfriend is still complaining about his back so, I guess he hasn't noticed any big improvement either.  So, as the next week of the experiment continues the only change I will be making is to try and walk more in the FitFlops, I'll keep you posted!