Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Breathe Inn

There comes a time every summer when you feel the need to run, not walk, away from the city.  The need for trees and fresh air becomes overwhelming and your tiny apartment feels like a basement bunker.  Don't fret, just breathe... The Breathe Inn is the perfect prescription for when you get that claustrophobic feeling on the city streets.  Nestled, about 2 hours north in the Catskills, they tout a yoga studio, pool and organic cuisine as amenities that all lived up to my expectations.  However, my favorite thing by far was the decor.  Everything was clean and modern and as if you were living in the Design Within Reach catalog.  A secret dream of mine!  I barely have any pictures of my boyfriend from that trip however, I do have a number of photos of the living room.
It's incredibly quite and calm at the Inn, so quite in fact that we were slightly nervous to speak to loud or make too much noise in our room.  We felt that a violent sneeze might awaken the entire house.  We also didn't quite embrace the socializing aspect of the B&B but, it's not required so if you're feeling anti-social (like we were) you can feel free to take a bottle of wine and relax on the picturesque porch swing or cozy hammock.
The rooms range from $150 for a small "studio" to $400 for the master suite which includes a private bathroom and entrance.
For more information check out their website

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