Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Wearing Now: Iro, Westward Leaning and Zara.

Remember when The Secret was trying to make itself happen?  The idea that if you put something out in the universe it will happen?  Well, I said the Kenzo tiger sweatshirt would be mine a few posts back, and although it didn't magically appear at my doorstep I found its cousin at Zara and brought him home with me.

Also in the picture are my Westward Leaning sunglasses, which if there was paparazzi photo spread of me saying "Gillian really loves her..."  it would be with my Westward Leaning sunglasses.  The jacket is Iro and even though I probably needed another jacket like I need a hole in my head, this one is very light weight and is perfect for that odd transition time between winter and spring.