Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Having a Moment with: Yellow and Grey


See by Chloe Sweater

12th Street by Cynthia Vincient

Mint by Jodi Arnold Top

I'm not one to say that anything is the new black, but grey is definitely having a moment right now and what is really making me take notice is the pairing of yellow and grey.  In home design I think it looks fresh modern and clean, and in fashion it's a great way to make your current summer selections seem new again.  Whether your wearing a yellow dress with grey accessories or chic grey pants with a yellow top, it feels very Alexander Wang or United Bamboo to me. That is to say the ultimate in downtown chic.  Give it a try today! Use the inspirational photos above to get your mind behind the mood, all available on Shopbop.com.

1 comment:

MyraMyra said...

Well done! It's my 2 favorite colors.