Thursday, July 24, 2008

FitFlops: The Experiment


I'll going to keep it brief because honestly, what more can I say about these things?!   What I can say is that I'm stopped on the street more and more by fellow FitFlop testers these days and we love to chat with each other.  I always ask them if they're feeling any results and the answer I get most often is "not yet!".  I think it's pretty remarkable that so many woman are trying these shoes knowing they might not do anything, but will still wear them dutifully just in case it turns out that by week 11 you turn into a supermodel.
But yesterday I had the tiniest breakthrough, I was running around wearing my FitFlops and as I bounded up the stairs of the subway I noticed the slightest tightness in my thighs!  Hooray!  "Maybe these things actually work!",  I thought, then I began thinking something else and I will leave you to ponder this.  Since I've been wearing the FitFlops I have tried to walk and take the stairs more, and what is known to tones legs?  Walking and taking the stairs.  So I ask you- are my legs slightly more toned because I'm wearing the FitFlops more or is wearing FitFlops making me walk more which is toning my legs?   The questions and the experiment continues!

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MyraMyra said...

You've left us with a FitFlops cliffhanger!