Monday, July 7, 2008

FitFlops: The Experiment


"The flip flops with a built in gym!" is how FitFlops are described and with the promise of a tighter butt and thighs how could I resist making FitFlops my first product to review for The Tonnish.  I have always been interested in the the higher priced MBT shoes that make a similar claim but FitFlops are slightly less bulky looking and only $39.99.  They also claim to relieve the lower back and joint pain my boyfriend suffers from so, making this a "joint" test was also  appealing. 
There aren't very many rules to the test, we will wear the Fitflops as much as possible and report weekly on the results (or lack there of) for one month.  We aren't changing what we eat or how much we exercise (me: very little, him: more frequently), we're just wearing the "revolutionary" shoes.   Why should I work out when the FitFlops are doing it for me?!
The arrival of our FitFlops was coincidentally the same day as our departure for a long weekend with my family in Cincinnati. "That's perfect!" I said, to my boyfriend.  "We can wear them all weekend, even if they're ugly."  Shoes not being a major point of interest in Cincinnati, I intended to wear the FitFlops all weekend, rain, sleet or nice dinner be damned!
What I expected to feel when  I first slid "the shoes with a built in wobble board" onto my feet was the sensation that I was walking in sand or on a balance ball but, the results were not quite that dramatic.  They definitely felt slightly different the my other flip flops or sandals but, I'm guessing that's because Christian Louboutin hasn't integrated the wobble board into his shoes yet.  I expected them to be a little heavy to acted as little leg weights while I walk but, no such luck- they are light as air.   They are comfortable I will say that, they have a squishy sole that rivals Crocs (which I tried but, abandoned due to their unsightly-ness) however, they do give off a look that is something like small yachts strapped to your feet.  Apparently, they don't come in narrow. Plus, I didn't get a single blister after my first time wearing them which happens even with other brands of rubber flip flops.
I haven't noticed any soreness is my legs (except after swimming laps in my my parents pool) or decrease in the squishy-ness of my tush after one week but, I'm still hopeful.  Maybe I just need to amp up the amount I'm walking everyday to feel an improvement.   My boyfriend is still complaining about his back so, I guess he hasn't noticed any big improvement either.  So, as the next week of the experiment continues the only change I will be making is to try and walk more in the FitFlops, I'll keep you posted!

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