Monday, July 14, 2008

Chillin' in My Nundie Pants

I've never been very good at math. So when faced with the equation of white pants + panty lines = a bad rear view, I might need a tutor. I know, I could wear a thong but I just don't like them and even my reliable Hanes Perfect Panties (see Panty Perfection) can fail me when a curve hugging pair of white pants or jeans are the common denominator. So this weekend I gave Nundies a try. A slightly odd concept, Nundies are a disposable liner that are applied to the inside of your pants so that you can skip underwear all together. And if you've ever tried to go commando in your tightest pair of jeans and experienced the dreaded Attack of the Seams, you need Nundies. Easy to apply and after a few minutes I completely forgot I had them on. Not to mention, their super sticky adhesive side squashed my fears that they might come loose and tumble out a pant leg. Which would have been only slightly mortifying considering I wore them to my boyfriend's father's 60th birthday dinner. Nundies come in 3 colors black, nude and a pack of assorted colors and are $15 for 5. You can purchase them and test them out yourself at

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