Friday, August 19, 2011

An Ode to the Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

What is it about these little suede booties that make them harder to get then a Birkin bag?  Perhaps it's the perfection of the 2.5 inch heel height that says "I'm so chic, I don't need heels to prove it." or the fact that they make ANY ankle look skinny.  When I worked at the Isabel Marant store I sold Kate Bosworth her first pair and from then on you hardly ever see her, or her feet, photographed without them.  This may be why I'm told the Soho shop now has a SIX page waiting list for these little guys.  Because no matter how many Jeffery Campbells or Steve Maddens knock them off they just can't compare to the real thing.   If you hurry, I saw some at Creatures of Comfort NYC the other day. But hurry they only have about twelve pairs left.  They also have the new style, the Dixie boot, which I might be going for myself.  Just to mix it up a bit.

Dicker Boots. 

Dixie Boot. Available on LaGarconne for pre-sale.  

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