Monday, August 22, 2011

The Two Accessories I Would Make Friendship Bracelets For.

Packing away your seasonal goods is like saying goodbye to your friends at the end of camp.  Or is that just me?  If these two accessories had yearbooks I would be signing them "Don't ever change! See you next Summer!".

The bag is a little vintage Gucci thing I scored from my Mom's closet.  It really must be old because there's not a logo to be seen on it and I can hardly remember a time before Gucci plastered those little G's all over everything. 

The shoes are Pierre Hardy that I got in Paris this past Spring.  I never saw them stateside which made me super super happy, as you can imagine.  They looked great with socks this spring and with bare legs this summer.  I'll be sorry to say goodbye to them as the weather changes, but just think what a happy little reunion we'll have come Spring/Summer 2012!

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