Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm spritzing for Fekkai's Sheer Hold Hairspray!

Hairspray can't seem to shake its bad reputation.   Ever since one bad can of Aqua-Net was held responsible for teased bangs and glue like sticky-ness hair spray, has been the black sheep of the hair product family.  But times have changed and with Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray I say " Viva la revolution!".  This hair spray lends a strong hold without the crusty sticky-ness.  It's great for giving your hair a mid-day boost or if you just want to add some texture to your everyday style.  This product is single handedly changing the way the world looks hairspray at it's available at for $35.


MyraMyra said...

When do you wear hairspray? I trust the Tonnish and this might end up to be must-have for Fashion Week.

Gigi said...

Hairspray really works at any time. For any style, that's the beauty of it.