Thursday, August 7, 2008

FitFlops: The Experiment: The Grand Finale

My good friend Catlin was in town this week and we have a long standing joke about how sometimes I choose comfort over fashion and wear as she puts it "orthopedic shoes".   And when she saw me in my FitFlops she screamed "What are those?!" and erupted in fit of giggles. 
I think that proves two things:  1) My dear friend is not reading my blog.  And 2) These things are really ugly.  
Do you remember when Uggs were on every third girl who walked down the street and all people could talk about was how ugly they were?  Well, I think FitFlops definitely have Uggs beat in ugliness department. Even my very neutral pair of beige flops stick out like an unappealing outfit anchor.  But I must admit this is really the only bad thing I can say about them.  As much as I wish I could say I regret ever buying them, I kind of secretly heart the FitFlops.  They're really the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and what I love most is that the thickness of the sole keeps you above the ground and out of the subway muck.  Havianana's can't say that. 
In terms of their claim of being a workout in a shoe, I have to call shenanigans.  I really haven't seem much if any improvement in my legs however, I have started telling people I have.  I like to tell people I used be 20 to 50 lbs heavier (depending on my mood) and that I have FitFlops to thanks for my weight loss.  I think it helps me justify the fact that I'm wearing small Sloops on my feet.
So Catlin, my darling, I say to you "Eat it!".  I only have a few more months until the weather gets cold and I retire the FitFlops for good.  Also, I seem to remember a boxey pair of white and purple skater shoes that you used to wear on occasion, and you know what they say about glass houses.  Don't throw a shoe!

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