Monday, August 11, 2008

Essie's Neon Collection Earn a Place in the Nail Polish Hall of Fame

If one was going to give out awards at the end of the season to the most noteworthy trends, a Trend-i ( as they should be called) would surely be awarded to the Neon Collection by Essie.  Not since Chanel's Vamp has a group of colors so aptly represented the trends and moods of the season.  Personally, I adore the Hot Pink and Orange and I never feel the need to match my toes to my fingers.  Mix it up, paint a few toes with each!  Embrace the brightness and let's keep these shockingly sharp colors around through the fall, I'm not ready to give them up yet.

1 comment:

Lana said...

Trend-i - dually noted and I would love to be the presenter.
wanted: all colors!