Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pre-Fall Thoughts: Part 1 (The Pants Progression)

With Labor Day just around the corner many of us are consumed with thoughts of what to purchase and wear for this upcoming fall.  One thing that seems to be on every mag's must-list is pants and after scouring Style.com (nice new layout-BTW) I have selected a few looks that I hope will provide you with some inspiration as you are putting together your fall look. 

The tapered wide leg is an aggressive look for the average gal but absolutely worth a try.
United bamboo

I love the yellow, it's so mellow.  Over super skinny pants or even leggings.
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Loose on top, tight on the bottom.  Mr. Wang I want to know you... in the biblical sense.
Alexander Wang


1 comment:

Sarah said...

I too, love the Wang! :) He's amazing.

And big on top, skinny on bottom is perfect. Great suggestion Gill!