Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chiffon Happens: What I Learned During Hurricane Irene.

As cranky Irene was knocking on our doors this weekend I learned a valuable lesson.  Nothing is as bad as it seems.  Unless of course there's construction happening on the only bathroom in your apartment and your about to be faced with a 72 hour lock-in sans toilet.  Imagine all that time cooped up drinking away hours and having no bathroom!  Quelle nightmare!  In the end, the toilet was installed just in time. A big round of applause to the contractors working on our apartment.  Even though the problem was their fault to begin with- but let's not get into that.   Let's look at these pictures of me in a chiffon skirt and toast the end of Irene!

Chiffon Happens.  Chiffon skirt La Fou for Aritzia, socks Falke, shoes A.P.C.

Only one more week of construction!

My Vest Friend by Isabel Marant.

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